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2018 Bloustein Lecture in Law and Ethics

Kimberly Kessler Ferzan (University of Virginia)

Wednesday, April 25th
Rutgers Law School
Room E112
Camden, NJ

Civil Wrongs and Justice in Private Law

The Institute will host a two-day conference on Civil Wrongs and Justice in Private Law on October 5-6, 2018 at Rutgers Law School in Camden, New Jersey. The conference will bring together leading legal scholars, legal theorists, and philosophers who will be presenting original work on civil wrongs and related issues. The papers will be published in an Oxford University Press collection.

Committed participants include: Nico Cornell (Michigan), Lee Anne Fennell (Chicago), Kimberly Ferzan (Virginia), Johann Frick (Princeton), John Gardner (Oxford), Andrew Gold (Brooklyn), John Goldberg (Harvard) and Benjamin Zipursky (Fordham), Ori Herstein (Hebrew University of Jerusalem/KCL), Larissa Katz (Toronto), Gregory Keating (USC), Rahul Kumar (Queens), Daniel Markovits (Yale), Paul Miller (Notre Dame) and Jeff Pojanowski (Notre Dame), Liam Murphy (NYU), John Oberdiek (Rutgers), David Owens (KCL), James Penner (NUS), Adam Slavny (Warwick), Stephen Smith (McGill), Findlay Stark (Cambridge), Victor Tadros (Warwick), Alec Walen (Rutgers), and R. Jay Wallace (Berkeley).

In addition, there is an open call for papers to add two additional papers to the conference proceedings and OUP volume, with a submission deadline of June 1, 2018. To submit, or for inquiries, please contact John Oberdiek: oberdiek@law.rutgers.edu.