Founded in 2004, the Institute is a joint venture between Rutgers Law School and the Rutgers-New Brunswick Department of Philosophy that is designed to draw together and extend the acknowledged excellence in philosophical inquiry at Rutgers University. The mission of the Institute is to advance and disseminate knowledge and understanding of the widest range of topics at the intersection of philosophy and law. The Institute accomplishes this goal through hosting conferences and roundtables on the many facets of philosophy of law, presenting the annual Bloustein Lecture in Law and Ethics, and by sponsoring visiting fellows.

The Institute regularly hosts conferences on a diverse array of themes featuring internationally-recognized scholars. Past conferences have ranged over topics in criminal law and private law theory, general jurisprudence, global justice and human rights, and neuroscience and the law, among others. Details about upcoming conferences may be found here.

The Institute presents the Bloustein Lecture in Law and Ethics each year. Endowed by a gift from Edward Bloustein, the 17th President of Rutgers University, the Lecture is presented by an eminent scholar working at the interface of legal theory and moral philosophy. Details about the upcoming Lecture may be found here.

The Institute sponsors Visiting Fellows who wish to take up residence at the Law School or Department of Philosophy for a semester or a full academic year. Visiting Fellows enjoy full access to all of Rutgers University’s academic resources and participate in the activities of the Institute. A full list of former Visiting Fellows as well as details about how to apply may be found here.