Upcoming Lecture

Philip Pettit will deliver the 12th annual Bloustein Lecture in Law and Ethics on Wednesday, December 11th, 2019 at 4pm at Rutgers Law School in Camden. Pettit is L. S. Rockefeller University Professor of Politics and Human Values at Princeton University and Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy at the Australian National University.

Past Lectures
  • 11th annual Lecture: Hanna Pickard (Birmingham/Princeton), “Addiction and the Law,” April 2019.
  • 10th annual Lecture: Kimberly Kessler Ferzan (Virginia), “Consent and Coercion,” April 2018.
  • 9th annual Lecture: Frances Kamm (Harvard), “Doing Death: Physician Assisted Suicide, Ethics, and Public Policy,” March 2017.
  • 8th annual Lecture: Jeff McMahan (Oxford), “Defense Against Inflictors of Many Small Harms,” April 2016.
  • 7th annual Lecture: David Enoch (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), “The Moral (In)Significance of Hypothetical Consent,” April 2016.
  • 6th annual Lecture: Anna Stilz (Princeton), “Territory, Exploitation, and the Right to Return,” March 2015.
  • 5th annual Lecture: John Gardner (Oxford), “Apology and Repair,” November 2012.
  • 4th annual Lecture: Antony Duff (Stirling/Minnesota), “Presuming Innocence: Who Must Presume What, of Whom?” March 2012.
  • 3rd annual Lecture: Debra Satz (Stanford), “Why Some Things Should Not Be For Sale: The Moral Limits of Markets,” May 2011.
  • 2nd annual Lecture: Kent Greenawalt (Columbia), “Fundamental Questions About Interpreting the Religion Clauses,” April 2010.
  • Inaugural Lecture: Margaret Olivia Little (Georgetown), “Intimate Assistance: Re-thinking Abortion in Law and Morality,” March 2009.