Upcoming Lecture

The 13th annual Bloustein Lecture in Law and Ethics will take place in the fall of 2020. Details to be announced.

Past Lectures
  • 12th annual Lecture: Philip Pettit (Princeton), “Democracy: A Republican Primer,” December 2019.
  • 11th annual Lecture: Hanna Pickard (Birmingham/Princeton), “Addiction and the Law,” April 2019.
  • 10th annual Lecture: Kimberly Kessler Ferzan (Virginia), “Consent and Coercion,” April 2018.
  • 9th annual Lecture: Frances Kamm (Harvard), “Doing Death: Physician Assisted Suicide, Ethics, and Public Policy,” March 2017.
  • 8th annual Lecture: Jeff McMahan (Oxford), “Defense Against Inflictors of Many Small Harms,” April 2016.
  • 7th annual Lecture: David Enoch (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), “The Moral (In)Significance of Hypothetical Consent,” April 2016.
  • 6th annual Lecture: Anna Stilz (Princeton), “Territory, Exploitation, and the Right to Return,” March 2015.
  • 5th annual Lecture: John Gardner (Oxford), “Apology and Repair,” November 2012.
  • 4th annual Lecture: Antony Duff (Stirling/Minnesota), “Presuming Innocence: Who Must Presume What, of Whom?” March 2012.
  • 3rd annual Lecture: Debra Satz (Stanford), “Why Some Things Should Not Be For Sale: The Moral Limits of Markets,” May 2011.
  • 2nd annual Lecture: Kent Greenawalt (Columbia), “Fundamental Questions About Interpreting the Religion Clauses,” April 2010.
  • Inaugural Lecture: Margaret Olivia Little (Georgetown), “Intimate Assistance: Re-thinking Abortion in Law and Morality,” March 2009.