Law and Philosophy Curriculum

Rutgers University has a robust and wide-ranging curriculum in law and philosohpy. Students with an interest in law and philosophy, whether they are law students or undergraduates or graduate students in philosophy, should consider the following courses.
Rutgers Law School Courses
Second- and Third-Year Courses:
Bioethics, Babies, and Babymaking
Contemporary Jurisprudence
Freedom of Expression in the 21st Century
Homeland Security and Counter-Terrorism Law
Law and Neuroscience
Law, Justice, and Society
Law, Religion, and Morality
Principles of Regulation
Tort Theory
Constitutional Theory
Criminal Law Theory
Global Equality
Law and the Brain
The Limits of Responsibility
The Right to Self-Defense
Theories of Intellectual Property
Rutgers-New Brunswick Philosophy Courses
Undergraduate Courses:
Current Moral and Social Issues
Environmental Ethics
Ethical Theory
Ethics and Pratical Reason
Ethics of War
Introduction to Ethics
Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy
Moral Responsibiity
Philosophy and the Law
Philosophy of Law
Topics in Moral Philosophy
Topics in Social and Political Philosohpy
Graduate Courses:
Advanced Topics: Ethics
Advanced Topics: Philosophy of Law
Survey in Value Theory
Social and Political Philosophy